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Feather River Community Fund Announces 2023 Grant Awards

Feather River Community Fund 2023 Annual Grant Recipients

The Fund concluded the 2023 grant program by making donations to seven worthy Plumas County organizations. The seven projects were selected from over twenty proposals. Grants were awarded to: The Plumas County Sun, to fund start-up costs; to Plumas Audubon in support of the Plumas Environmental Education Program; to Feather River Chapter Trout Unlimited to support their Trout in the Classroom program; to KQNY Public Radio to fund public affairs broadcasting; to The Indian Valley Innovation Hub to assist in their efforts to establish a Plumas County online Business Resource Center and expand their Made In Plumas County Program; to Greenville Little League to replace equipment lost to the Dixie Fire, and to Indian Valley Butchers to assist them in expanding their business. The Fund intends to continue the grant program in 2024, with announcement of the program planned for September.